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-====== EDE development ====== 
-These pages are meant as a starting point for developing various parts of ''​EDE'',​ including usage of the ''​edelib''​ library. This is also a good place for future contributors. 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-''​EDE'''​s main development language is //C++// and the GUI toolkit used is [[http://​www.fltk.org|FLTK]]. Since ''​FLTK''​ does not provide some functions required for a desktop environment,​ ''​EDE''​ comes with its own additional library called ''​edelib''​. You could compare ''​edelib''​ with ''​kdelib''​ from ''​KDE'',​ just much, much smaller! :) 
-If you ever used ''​FLTK''​ before, you already know the largest part of ''​EDE''​ and ''​edelib''​ design as they resemble much of the usual ''​FLTK''​ approach. But even if not, development with ''​FLTK''​ is extremely simple. You can find starting points at [[http://​www.fltk.org/​doc-1.1/​basics.html#​basics|FLTK Basics]] and full documentation with details at [[http://​www.fltk.org/​doc-1.3/​|FLTK Programming Manual]]. 
-''​edelib''​ API documentation is located here: [[http://​equinox-project.org/​api/​edelib|edelib API reference]]. 
-===== Getting started with edelib ===== 
-  * EdelibBasics shows how to create and compile simple application using ''​FLTK''​ together with ''​edelib''​. 
-  * HandlingEvents shows how to react when something happens (e.g. a button was pressed). 
-  * BasicEdeApplication shows how to integrate your program with the ''​EDE''​ tree. 
-  * StoringApplicationSettings shows how to save and read application preferences. 
-  * EdelibLogging shows how to use logging functions and how to write a custom logger backend. 
-  * EdelibScript describes //''​edelib''​-script//,​ a small scripting language that comes with ''​edelib''​ and ''​EDE''​. 
-===== Getting started with EDE components ===== 
-  * PanelAppletDevelopment shows how to create new panel applet.