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-====== Translation ====== 
-''​EDE''​ uses the [[http://​transifex.org/​|Transifex]] platform for creating and managing translations. For now, translations are not directly synchronized with ''​EDE'''​s repository, but that will be changed in the future. 
-===== Getting Started ===== 
-To translate ''​EDE''​ and ''​edelib'',​ you need to create account on ''​Transifex''​ (unless you already have one). Then go to the [[https://​www.transifex.com/​projects/​p/​ede|EDE Localization]] page and send a request for the language you wish to translate to. After approval (which should happen very soon), you are good to go. 
-===== Issues ===== 
-Translating the strings with ''​Transifex''​ is quite self-explanatory. If you should run into problems nevertheless,​ just post your problem on the [[http://​sourceforge.net/​forum/​forum.php?​forum_id=249616|EDE forum]].