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 ====== Getting started ====== ====== Getting started ======
-  *  For informations ​about EDE, check AboutEde +  * For general information ​about ''​EDE''​see AboutEde. 
-  *  :​!: ​To download and installcheck [[Download|the download page]] +  * To get ''​EDE''​simply use pre-built ​[[BinaryPackages|Packages]] if they are available for your distribution. 
-  *  If you have some questions, ​check [[FAQ]]+  * Or [[download]] the source if you prefer to compile and install it yourself. Be sure to take a look at the [[InstallationHowTo]] page. 
 +  If you have some questions, ​please read the [[FAQ]] ​first.
 ====== Documentation & help  ====== ====== Documentation & help  ======
-  * InstallationHowTo describes how to install ​EDE +  * See the [[changelog-2.1|Changelog]] for changes since version 2.0. 
-  * [[http://​sourceforge.net/​forum/​forum.php?​forum_id=249616|EDE forum]] is place where you can ask questions+  * For technical topics consult ​EDE's [[Documentation]]. 
 +  * If you need help on anything not covered on the wiki, the [[http://​sourceforge.net/​forum/​forum.php?​forum_id=249616|EDE forum]] is the place to go to.
 ====== Development ​ ====== ====== Development ​ ======
-  * [[Development]] is starting point for contributors about EDE and edelib ​coding +  * Thinking about contributing to EDE? The [[Development]] ​page is a good starting point for both ''​EDE'' ​and ''​edelib''​. 
-  * RoadMap page gives some clue about the planned features +  * The [[Translation]] page describes how to provide localization for ''​EDE''​ and ''​edelib''​ in your language. 
-  ​* ​API documentation:​+  * Visit the RoadMap page for some clues about planned features
 +API documentation:​
      * [[http://​equinox-project.org/​api/​edelib|edelib API]]      * [[http://​equinox-project.org/​api/​edelib|edelib API]]
-     * [[http://​equinox-project.org/​api/​efltk|efltk API]] (for history ​purposes)+     * [[http://​equinox-project.org/​api/​efltk|efltk API]] (for historic ​purposes)
 ====== Bugs and issues ====== ====== Bugs and issues ======
-EDE related bugs and issues ​please report on http://​bugs.equinox-project.org. You will need to create account. +Please report any ''​EDE'' ​related bugs and issues ​you encounter here: 
 +  * EDE's [[http://​bugs.equinox-project.org|EDE bug tracker]] (you will need to create ​an account) 
 +  * or simply use [[ede-bug-report|EDE'​s bug reporting tool]] (no account needed).